About Jeff Bezos and his crazy drone delivery idea

01/01/2014 04:44

Steve Jobs resurrected an ailing tech company into the world's most profitable tech giant today. Steve Jobs reinvented the way we enjoy and buy songs. Steve Jobs changed the way we type and access information from our phone.

Jeff Bezos changed the way books are sold and consumed. Jeff Bezos revolutionized the way we do our every day shopping - from gadgets to fashion to groceries. And now Jeff Bezos is attempting to revolutionized the way our Amazon orders are delivered to our doorsteps.

If you need further explanation on what that last sentence is referring to, it means that you must have just travelled back from yesteryear to the present. Certainly I'm referring to the drone last-mile delivery that Amazon wishes to turn into reality in 4 to 5 years time.

Everyone would say that Steve Jobs is one of the most accomplished innovator that the world has ever had and already he is acclaimed as greatest in our generation. After his passing, he left a shoes that is too big to be filled up by anyone. Not even his handpicked successor, Tim Cook. (My apology Tim, but I still regard you as one the greatest operation guy)

If this radical idea of unmanned delivery ever becomes a reality, what will you think of Jeff Bezos??

This is one question that will continue to attract controversy at least for the foreseeable future